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07/12/2016 16:17

Jazz Goes To Movies – Special Report

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TalkAboutJazz.Com presents this FREE special report “JAZZ GOES TO MOVIES – TOP 30 Soundtracks (1955-75)“, that were commissioned by great directors and forgotten filmmakers, to great jazz artists and composers. Discover these happy encounters which gave the world great movies and great soundtracks.

Through these TOP 30, we will go a little of the history of jazz and its evolution by the different styles that have emerged from the mid-50s to mid-70s, while rediscovering films, some of them obscure. I’m sure you will be surprised.

The criteria for selection were based on the following assumptions:

  • Movies produced between 1955 and 1975;
  • The soundtrack has been composed for the film or its performance has been to charge a jazz musician;
  • The artist has to appear in “The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD” (7th ed.);
  • And movies whose soundtracks are attributed to “various artists” are not included.

What you will find on this report:

  • A brief history of the connection between cinema and jazz, based on extracts from the book “Jazz On The Screen“, by David Meeker.
  • Each film mentioned, is accompanied by the image of the original poster (I tryed) and the cover art of each album. Find out about the director, actors, genre film, country of origin and classification given by IMDb.
  • On the side of the soundtrack, it is mentioned the artist, the composer, who played and finally a recommendation of other artist’s albums. Most of the recommendations were based on “The Penguin Jazz Guide – The History of the Music in the 1001 Best Albums“.
  • For the TOP 5, we have a surprise! Click on the movie poster and you will see the movie trailer; or click on the soundtrack cover art and you will listen one music from the album. Only for the TOP 5.
you will have access to 23 videos with great Jazz!

The TOP countdown is based on the ratings assigned to each movie on IMDb.  As such, is a rating that can be discussed. Consider this report as an open doc. to be improved, with your inputs.


“JAZZ GOES TO MOVIE – TOP 30 Soundtracks (1955-75)!