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07/12/2016 16:18

Q#242 – Mccoy Tyner “Soliloquy”

Pianist McCoy Tyner said (1994): “Music is an expression of love for others and of communication with them. And that sometimes comes out most strongly when you are playing alone.

Recorded: Feb. 1991

from “The Penguin Jazz Guide – The History of the Music in the 1001 Best Albums”, Brian Morton & Richard Cook, 2010

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1 response to Q#242 – Mccoy Tyner “Soliloquy”

  1. Excellent and powerful!

    “Tyner’s playing can be distinguished by a low bass left hand, in which he tends to raise his arm relatively high above the keyboard for an emphatic attack; the fact that Tyner is left-handed may contribute to this distinctively powerful style. Tyner’s unique right-hand soloing is recognizable for a detached, or staccato, quality. His melodic vocabulary is rich, ranging from raw blues to complexly superimposed pentatonic scales; his unique approach to chord voicing (most characteristically by fourths) has influenced a wide array of contemporary jazz pianists, most notably Chick Corea.” Wikipedia

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